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The CPSQ provides training activities to practitioners and interested members of the general public. You can also take trainings adapted to the needs of a specific environment. The trainings are also offered to companies. The CPSQ also provides training follow-ups along with support, coaching and clinical supervision services.

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Intervenir auprès de la personne suicidaire à l’aide de bonnes pratiques

Specialized Training

The Intervenir auprès de la personne suicidaire à l’aide de bonnes pratiques training uses different effective teaching strategies to foster skills development, such as role-playing, case studies and group discussions. The program is accredited by the SOFEDUC (Society for Continuing Education and Training), an official recognition that attests to the quality of planning, organizing, carrying out and evaluating training activities.

*A refresher for Intervenir auprès de la personne suicidaire à l’aide de bonnes pratiques is available. Taking it two years after receiving your training is recommended.

Full description of the training

Training recognized by the OPQ (RA01972-17), training recognized by the OTSTCFQ (Ref: 270) 2 SOFEDUC continuing education units

Clientele : Helping relationship practitioners

Length : 21 hours


  • Identifying people who are vulnerable to suicide
  • Checking for suicidal thoughts
  • Briefly exploring the situation
  • Estimating dangerousness
  • Working on ambivalence and repositioning
  • Safely ending the discussion
  • Orienting, referring and guiding suicidal persons
  • Determining close monitoring and short-term monitoring needs

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28août8 h 30 min16 h 30 minFormation terminéeIntervenir auprès de le personne suicidaire à l’aide de bonnes pratiques, 27-28 août et 1er septembre 2020


Specialized Training

The Repérer la personne vulnérable au suicide et appliquer les mesures de protection training is aimed at practitioners and professionals who have a professional responsibility to prevent suicide. Within their organization, they have a role of identifying individuals who are vulnerable to suicide, but they do not have the responsibility of caring for suicidal persons. This seven-hour training covers the best practices for making a formal referral for suicidal persons.

Clientele : Degree-holding practitioners in a helping relationship field

Length : 7 hours


  • Understanding suicide
  • Identifying people who are vulnerable to suicide
  • Determining whether the identification is positive or negative
  • Determining the required protective measures
  • Implementing the required protective measures

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