The CPSQ provides training activities to practitioners and interested members of the general public. You can also take trainings adapted to the needs of a specific environment. The trainings are also offered to companies. The CPSQ also provides training follow-ups along with support, coaching and clinical supervision services.

Training for practitioners

Agir en Sentinelle pour la prévention du suicide


Sentinels are volunteer adults trained to detect mental distress in their living environment and direct the person to help resources. They make it possible to reach people in distress who do not ask for the help they need. They are trained and supported by the CPSQ, and they benefit from all the tools needed to effectively fulfill their role.

Clientele : General public, companies, organizations

Length : 7 hours

Objectives – By the end of the training, the participant :

  • will be better equipped to recognize signs of mental distress.
  • will be able to act with the needed proactivity during an initial contact with a person in potentially suicidal distress.
  • will know how to question the suicidal thoughts of a person in distress.
  • will be familiar with the reference resources within their Sentinel network.

*A refresher for the Agir en Sentinelle pour la prévention du suicide training is available. Taking it two years after receiving your training is recommended.

What support is provided to the Sentinels ?

Each Sentinel network is assigned a designated practitioner who is available 24/7 and will make the appropriate decisions about the person in distress. The designated practitioner also has the role of supporting Sentinels either before or after their actions.

How can you set up or join a Sentinel network ?

Contact the training department of the Centre de prévention du suicide de Québec at 418-683-0933 #246.

Environments that have set up a Sentinel network :

(List forthcoming)

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Formation population

The Relayeur en prévention du suicide training is part of a network seeking to prevent suicide. It is aimed at professionals who, although they are not practitioners, are nonetheless likely to be in contact with suicidal persons as part of their work duties. This training, which also lasts seven hours, allows you to spot, guide and orient people struggling with the issue of suicide. You will also be empowered to establish contact with and to make the connection between suicidal persons and the area’s help resources.

Clientele : People who may need to deal with people in distress as a part of their work duties.

Length : 7 hours


  • Defining the role of intermediaries
  • Enabling participants to recognize the impact of their beliefs on their actions
  • Recognizing certain signs of distress
  • Increasing ease in checking for the presence of suicidal thoughts
  • Identifying additional information to be collected and passed on to the practitioner to facilitate handling the situation
  • Working with a suicidal clientele while respecting their own and others’ mental health

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